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Pretty sex played Nicolle for house and hotel escort in Berlin
Description of Nicolle
Nicolle is a true little angel. Even if her hair is not blond, her delicate and even face is still framed by great curly hair, which gives her an anura, which is rarely seen in someone. Nicolle is simply charming. No more: she is stunning. Their radiance is of such intensity that it smoothly engulfs every man who faces them. With her blutjungen 21 Lenzen she looks at the first glance like an unmolested game. But when you look more closely, you can guess that she is doing well with her sex in Berlin. Nicolle is ready for the house and hotel escort in Berlin for her customers. If you are looking for real exciting sex in Berlin, Nicolle is the right place. At the house and hotel escort in Berlin she is one of the most popular candidates. This has its good reason. Even if it comes from Eastern Europe, it still has the charisma of a fiery southern woman. She likes to flirt with this nature. We are already one of the great hobbies and at the same time great talents of this exciting woman. She loves to slip into different roles and really gets up in it. She knows she understands how to entertain her audience. This is more than just a benefit for her job and sex in Berlin. Even their customers, who commission them for house and hotel escort in Berlin benefit from their unique personality. Because no matter where Nicolle occurs, she knows how to impress the audience. Even though she has a good school education, a sound general knowledge and a sure appearance, it is rather her kind which is impressed. It has a very natural charm which is equally important in men and women. It does not play in the forefront, but it perfectly understands its own companion in the right light. This is also the reason why they are often booked for public appearances. What makes Nicolle so unique is its natural feel for the needs of its companions. Anyone who uses them for house and hotel escort in Berlin will not only get a service. He gets dedication and passion. She understands how hardly anyone else in sex in Berlin create an atmosphere that is suited to give oneself completely to pleasure and love. In her arms, every man forgets the world around him. When she is sex in Berlin, she shows a lot of work. She loves the physical love and gets involved with everything she has in this game. He who is lucky enough to be able to experience them. He will experience hours of fire and enjoyment as he has never dared to dream. A night with Nicolle is an experience that no one will ever forget.

Private model Nicolle from Berlin visits you from :
Mon - Sun 24h

Eine Berliner Callgirl-Auswahl
  • I come from Eastern Europe
  • 23 years
  • hair black
  • eyecolor: brown
  • stands 167cm high
  • 45kg
  • 32/34 clothes size
  • bra 75 B
  • petite
  • shaved
  • Languages: among others German, English


  • Escort service
  • Office escort
  • Dinner accompaniment
  • House visits Berlin
  • Hotel reservations Berlin
  • Truck SEX - Parking Meeting
  • Theater

Galery of Nicolle
Escort-Modell Nicolle in Berlin
Escort-Modell Nicolle in Berlin
Escort-Modell Nicolle in Berlin
Escort-Modell Nicolle in Berlin

Service of Nicolle
Eine Berliner Callgirl-Auswahl
  • at your desire: high heels, straps...
  • body2body
  • breast eroticism
  • voluptuous massages
  • Finger games
  • french two-sided (69)
  • foreplay safe
  • Foot fetish
  • intercourse in different positions
  • intercourse several times
  • intercourse safe
  • girlfriend-sex
  • hand job
  • Cum on body
  • body kisses
  • cuddling
  • fun in pool
  • petting
  • Striptease
  • dirty talk

Extras (additional payment)

  • anal stimulation at him + 10,- EUR
  • Dildo games (active) + 10,- EUR
  • Dildo games (passive) + 10,- EUR
  • Threesome (mww)
  • Duet (lesbian) + 30,- EUR
  • french deep throat
  • Cum on face + 20,- EUR
  • kissing + 10,- EUR
  • excess of men + 50,- EUR
  • golden shower active (giving) + 10,- EUR
  • french kisses + 10,- EUR

Fee of Nicolle
Eine Berliner Callgirl-Auswahl
Berlin 1 hour incl. journey starting from 100 €, 2 hours starting from 200 €
surrounding region on request
overnight from 9.00 p.m. until after breakfast on request

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