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The "Obszenia" had always fascinated me. A club that celebrated free love, the joy of life, where you can dance, drink, have fun, adults could try out games. With whom to go there? My friends - are excluded. They knew me only as brave a primary school teacher, dared me, probably just to vanilla sex. When my buddy Alex recently said to me that he had with his wife something "really weird," namely love balls, .... continue reading

Sleepless in Berlin

I was, as always, in Berlin alone and could not sleep the last few nights. Since I had the job in this raised position the travel activity to Berlin was specifically my usual weekly routine and I had gotten used to spend a few nights in any hotel in Berlin. Only this damn loneliness I could not stand - not tonight. I was single now for over 8 months and met frequently with friends at .... continue reading

The exceptional kick

Slowly but surely Greta trembled his knees. In half an hour it should be ready of the escort to come. The sex life of her and her husband Jörg died out a little the last few months. After five years of marriage no wonder - and then there was also her eyes star Lena, a young daughter. Always something going on and in the evening the energy of the day was mostly exhausted.

.... continue reading

My way to escort

Everything was so confusing. Laura had a good job, a really caring, attractive friend, great, funny acquaintances, a loyal family and a beautiful home. Actually she could have been satisfied. But something was slumbered for a while in her. A dark desire for MORE ... it was sexually motivated, that was clear. The lovemaking with her Sasha was so nice and they also reached an orgasm every fifth time. Since she was already better .... continue reading

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